Sunday, June 15, 2008


I tried to apply some expressions on my bunny last days.
I photographed the sketches because my scanner is *#(#*@...
So I'm sorry for the gradient on the photo's ;)
Here we go!



I was not quite sure about how to let the ears drop down.
What do you think about the curve at the chin to suggest a sad mouth?


Also troubles with the ears!
Should I point them to the direction the bunny looks or in the opposite direction?

Random (innocent, scared & happy):

Random (normal, happy & in love):

Find it difficult to draw an happy bunny.
There is no mouth, so I can't draw a smile.
I tried to make it clear by making the nose wider, eyes closed, ears in the air & high eyebrows.



Star Wars!

I watched Star Wars all over the weekend, so I had to do this one ;).
It's not a great pose, but well.. I think it's allright for now.
(I wish it was more powerfull, more exaggerate... but I'm gonna work on that!)

Tips, tricks & feedback are welcome :)


Mitch L said...

You are getting better! Keep at it.

I can't give you any good feedback. I think the best thing for you is keep drawing, draw, draw, draw etc. until you get draw sick.

Collect some artist you admire and try to look at how the work and make desisions. And handles problems you also encounters. Don't copy them but try to look how they think.

And draw, draw, draw. You now know a bit of the basics, try working on that and the rest is just practise.

Sam en Moos said...

Oh my god!!! I'm totally in love with mac Skywalker :D

kusje kusje.. mac krijgt wel weer kusje als ik bij hem ben maar dan wil ik wel een handtekening :D

patrick said...

looks like your understanding the principles well. Cute designs!

CrazyHarmke said...

Thanx guys (& Annemee ;))
I draw as much as I can.
Drawing the bunny in different poses is still hard for me, I keep practising until I can do it! :)