Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I made it to create a character finally!
After watched a lot of inspireing design/art/stuff, I started sketching again.
The previous sketches I made were based on nothing.. actually they're doodles or something.
But they are absolutely not useless!
Before started sketching again, I watched these doodles again and decided what I (dis)liked.

- simple construction
- no mouth (character is not speaking anyway...)
- and some more what I can't remember right now O:)

First some sketches for a face:

Then I got hungry, so time for something to eat!
After a nice spring roll ^_^ I went back to my paper & pencil.

Number 16 looked nice to me.
So I made my decision.
Number 16 is my sweet little bunny! ^_^

Then I tried to create a body for my bunny, 'cause only a face is not enough ofcourse.
The Preston-Blair-book helped me out.
I took the character of the squirell and applied his bodyconstruction and poses to my bunny:

I think I still have problems with copying poses and using line of action. Maybe you see other things I need to improve, so tell me!
Feedback pleaaaaase!


Wouter said...

Niet dat ik er veel verstand van heb, maar mss zou je eens goed naar de verhoudingen moeten kijken. Armen en benen lijken me wat dunnetjes... Ziet er verder cool uit!

Wim said...

Wooowwwww je wordt echt wel goed hoor! :D En ik maar kliederen met mijn verf :p

Ik vind vooral die geeuwende heel erg leuk :D Ik heb verder niet echt negatieve commentaar, aangezien ik er niet veel van ken, maar ik zou ze wel eens digitaal, in vector bv, willen zien.

Veel succes er nog mee!

En de groetjes aan Mac, en je ander huisdier, Mitch ;-)