Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Long time no see!
But here a collection of stuff I sketched at my internship.
Most of them are doodles and if they aren't, I still can't tell you what they are for ;)
So I just dump them here to show them to you.
They are in order of time, from past to most recent:


Jan van der Zee said...

Hey Harmke,

Kijk! Dat is nog eens vooruitgang! Je schetsen gaan echt goed.
Ik had je een mailtje gestuurd, maar nog niets teruggehad. Heb het verstuurd naar

Tapan Gandhi said...

hey!! thanks for stopping by my blog :) ur stuff is sooo adorable.. i love it

Tapan Gandhi said...

hey thanks for the link to that story!

you know what's funny? i read about it when it happened, but i didn't even realize the connection to my own film! i must be so sick of my film that i forgot all about it haha