Friday, October 10, 2008


@Work (you know...callcenter of a bank) they asked me to make a new poster for a competition for all the collegues. I'm not going to bore you with the explanation of the whole competition, but let's say it's about let the costumers save more money at the bank. So, I drew a piggy :). Last poster was pretty ugly, so I think this will be a big step forward. It's not quite perfect, but I didn't want to put much time on it... so well, I think it's nice enough for now :)

If you have a comment to improve it, please comment quickly so I can edit the piggy!
It needs to be finished by Wednesday...


patrick said...

I would choose it if it were my bank!

(maybe experiment with making the eyebrows thicker)?

Anonymous said...

thanks about the animation desk
yeaah me and my dad worked on it was cheap to make and works great for beginer practice.

Ryan G. said...

Nice linework. That overall thick line of the head works well.