Sunday, August 3, 2008


I finally started with my new personal website.
Already for one year I say that there will be a new one soon, but now the moment is almost there!
Do not expect a huge flash-site with AS 3.0 and stuff... It's gonna be a usual xhtml-site hahaha, just to show some work.
I need this site for showing my work to company's for my internship coming January.

Enough talking.
For this site I drew a character of myself.
It's pretty generic.
Somehow I can't do the funny cartoony stuff yet.
Has someone any tips for me to let go the generic stuff?

This is the character:

I've just inked it.
I'm very tired right now, 'cause it's 0:40AM here.
So I'll do the clean up and corrections tomorrow.
For now:

Made some corrections in lines, shapes and thick/thin.
Not completly satisfied with the character, it's too generic.
Collored it with the "Live Paint"-option in Illustrator, works perfect for me :)
Here is the result:

Orange is not my natural haircolor, but I just painted it this color last week :)
I color my hair every 2 to 3 months, so I have to change the character this often too haha.
I could make the hair mid-blond, like my natural haircolor, but orange is happier!

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