Friday, August 15, 2008

Sody, Jimmy & George

New day, new ink :)

Work in progress, so there will be an update tomorrow (or later) with the complete ink.

I have to re-ink Jimmy, 'cause I forgot to save te file after finishing Sody -_# Let's blame my workingday from 1330 'til 2100 @ the Postbank-callcenter!

I need to find some kind of auto-save option in Illustrator...


I finished it :)

I never inked Jimmy and George before so I had to figure out how their shapes work.
I think they are more complicated than Sody, because the shapes are not so usual.
Hmm George's face lost some depth.


JohnK said...

really good

don't forget the heavier line in Sody's smile (under the cheek) - like in the pencil rough

the top of Jimmy's eye should be a little thiner, angular

Wicks for Candlesticks said...


Your inks looks so nice. I'm jealous, please post more! I printed out your last Sody inks, to use as reference. Great stuff!

-David O.

crazyharmke said...

Thanx guys!
I'll finish it as soon as possible

JohnK said...


kevin said...

Hey, these are great. Would you mind sharing your brush settings?

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I'm charge of the digital inks for John. Please e-mail me as soon as you can:

Or you can IM me.

Take care,


Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Looking good!

Hey, join my cartoon animation blog. We're going to break down the preston blair book. Piece by piece. send your email to

-David O.

patrick said...

I've gotta say, you're quite a natural. An inking wizard, and you learned so fast! I inked up this sketch too on my blog