Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sody 01 & 02 - not cleaned up

I didn't clean it up yet, because cleaningup more than once is not nessacary I think.
Owh I now see I forgot the highlights on the hair -_-
I also am not sure about the wrinkle under her boobies


Pretty rough drawing.
I hope I inked the right lines.
On one side it is fun to ink a rough drawing because you have some "freedom".
On the other hand it is hard and it makes me uncertain.
I learned so much last months :)


patrick said...

another great ink, I love your work!

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that line is her sternum (top of her rib cage). And the outside line of her torso should curve accordingly. See how her torso curves in your previous ink

crazyharmke said...

thanx for likeing it!
i think you are right about that line, i'll do that correction if John thinks it's nessacary.

JohnK said...

they look great so far

don't forget the details (Sody's tank top) top of hair

highlights in hair?

and George

Sody's left eye: the left of the eye should have a thicker line (like in the pencil drawing) to indicate eyelashes


JohnK said...

oh, and put weight on the bottoms of the nipples

wherever you see me draw a thick line, you do that too...and carry it through to the rest of the poses...

don't forget to put hair on separate layers...

Ryan G. said...

Looks great! Such lively poses!

James said...

>>oh, and put weight on the bottoms of the nipples<<

WOW!! I just died laughing, but very true.