Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Sody

John K posted some great Sody models on his blog.
Because they're all awesome, I picked one with eyes closed and started inking.
The hair and the hands were the hardest part for me.
So many lines!
It looks like a jungle haha :)

Actually I decided to go to bed one hour ago, but I could not stand it that Sody wasn't finished yet!

- Lines in the hair could be thicker
- Lines of the left hand are too thin
- I see some tangents now grrrr!
- More variation in the ponytail
- Chin is too round
I'm sure there are more...

Woesh I feel dizzy now, really bedtime young lady! (02:18AM)


JohnK said...

it's beautiful!

did you do it in layers by any chance?

crazyharmke said...

Thanx John!
It isn't in layers, but I can fix that if you like to.
Which parts need to be in different layers?

Kim Kristine said...

Ziet er gaaf uit! Ik kan niet ink-en. Ik zou wel willen. Misschien kun je me een paar tips geven?