Sunday, June 22, 2008


I need some inspiration for my own animation.
The overall picture of the idea is clear, but I need some inspiration for "situations" and reactions to that situations.

Because the behavior of Mac (my maincharacter) looks a lot like Pluto's behavior, I decided to watch some Pluto-cartoons.
Always investigating new stuff, doing sneaky things and become angry when things don't go his way.
An other similarity is that they both don't speak.
Expressions do all the work and that's quite hard.

So I collected some Pluto cartoons and analysed them.
Here they are, so you can enjoy them too!

Bone Trouble

I really like the part in the house of mirrors!
So funny how Pluto transforms in other animals and still looks like Pluto!

Pluto's surprise package

I love the curiousity at the start of the cartoon!
It's not only the face that's curious, but his whole body.
Also the stupidity when the turtle walks out of the box again and Pluto opens the box on his own side to look through the box, watching the turtle walking away to the water again!
Pluto's silly face & waving legs makes it complete to me hahaha.

Pluto at the Zoo

It's all about the bone.
First Pluto is gonna steal it from a lion... well how stupid is that?!
When he gets away with the bone, he meets other type of animals which brings diversity in the story.
All the animals react in an other way to Pluto being there and his bone.
I like the part with the gorilla the most.
The way the gorilla plays with the fainted Pluto is hylaric!

Pluto's Sweater

The way Pluto reacts when Minnie puts him the sweater on is so recognizable!
You see him thinking when he looks in te mirror:
"Ow man! I look so gay in this sweater! What are my friends gonna say when they see me like this?!"
(nothing wrong with being gay, but Pluto is not gay ;))
So he wants to take it off, whatever it takes.
I'd like to do something similar in my own animation.

Cold Storage

I know this cartoon since I was a child.
But I still laugh about the way Pluto reacts to the stork.
He actually is scared, but he also wants his doghouse back.
My opinion is that the creators of this cartoon did a very good job on this point.
Pluto isn't speaking and still everybody is able to understand what Pluto thinks, wants to say and why he is doing the things he does.

Enough for now.
I'll edit this post later.

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patrick said...

HEY! I love Pluto too. Great cartoons! I just got the Pluto collection DVD volume 1. He's the only Disney character I like, besides Goofy and Chip & Dale.