Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stretch & Squash 01

I tried some stretch & squash stuff of the Preston Blair book this evening. I drew pretty quick again & tried to be more sketchy than I'm used to (but it's very hard for me).

First the basics ofcourse:

When I started drawing the details, I noticed that the left sketch had to wide cheeks, so I fixed that.

The more detailed dogs & the original:

I couldn't make a overlay, because Photoshop didn't want to open the file -_-. But I think everybody can see the differences.

Tomorrow more stretch & squash stuff I think ^_^


Mitch L said...

Nice! I think this one looks much better than for example the duck. Look at the linens. The duck seemed a bit flat, but on the dog the lines have a nice flow around the vorms. It really wraps around. Keep going and you will get there!

CrazyHarmke said...

Thanx for your comment :)