Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bad, bad, bad!

I copied some drawings from the Preston Blair book again. I need to do that much more, 'cause it not went zo well this time:

I still have problems with ears o_O. The shape of the cheeks are not right too.

The face isn't wide enough. The left side fits, but than the right side doesn't. I also made a mistake in the shape of the eyes & the upper lip.

Whoo the upper part of the mouth fits perfectly, even the teeth! But I stretched the other part of the mouth too much. His head is too small too.

I drew very slow, which I don't want to do! & I wasn't really concentrated when drawing. I need to shut down MSN when I'm drawing ^_^

I think I need to practice more construction, proportions and shapes at the moment to get better. What do you think?


Mitch L said...

I think you did a good job, but I also think you still wanna do it too clean. Be messy ;)

And you should try to wrap the details more around the forms. Like the eyebrows on the wolf of drawing 14.jpg
Don't try to focus only on construction. I think you have the basic understanding of construction, now it's time to try other things. I think that if you are learning other things as well you will get to see the overall picture. And eventually it should be instinct.

CrazyHarmke said...

Thanx Mitch!
It's hard for me to be messy! ^_^
I'm a neat person, you know ;).
But I'll try, thanx!