Sunday, September 23, 2007

Keep it simple

I tried to draw Top Cat from this exercise.I think it's very bad & decided to practice some easier constructed characters (with more ovals/circles).
Special hates to my eraser & pencil sharpener: they were not so nice to me this evening :(


Jeff Cook said...

Keep drawing. Those pictures of other cartoon characters do look better than Top Cat because they look like they have construction... they are constructed right?

I like to take design features from cartoon characters that I really like, and try incorporate them into my own characters. You might just feel more satisfied drawing your own characters rather than perfecting other peoples characters.

CrazyHarmke said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanx for your comment!
I do draw my own characters, but I'm training myself by drawing old cartoon characters to understand how they are constructed etc. I'm studing them & later I can put the stuff I've learned in my own characters.